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Since 1964

Mandalay EENT Hospital 23rd St. (Between 80 x 81 Rd.), Mandalay Myanmar Email:

Professor & Head, Ophthalmology Department,

University of  Medicine, Mandalay -Professor Yee Yee Aung

Eye Unit 1

Honorary Professor Ophthalmology;   Dr. Than Aung and Dr. Ye Lwin

Eye Unit    2        Dr. Cho Cho Than
Associate Professor,  Ophthalmology
Eye Unit III, Mandalay    
Eye Unit     3
Eye Unit    4
Dr. Tin Thida Aung   MBBS, M.Med Sc ( Opthalmology) 
Dr. Thi Thi Tin, MRCS ( Ophthalmology)
  Dr. Yin Yin Myat  M.Med.Sc ( Ophth)
Year 2017
Year 2016
30 October 2016 MEENTH DIODE LASER TRAINING OCT 30 2016      
19June 2016  Corneal Program at Mandalay Eye ENT Hospital. 
Paediatric Ophthalmology, MEENT  -   Dr. Tin Mg Thant



5 June 2016       Hotel Mandalay

5 March 2016     Glaucoma Week celebration 
5  March 2016
17 -19 January 2016

Prof. U Than Aung Visit to Mandalay EENT Hospital January 2016

Prof U TA teaching at University of Medicine Mandalay (MEENT)

His services to the country is since 1961 when he graduated from Rangoon Medical school ,well over 55 years. Last year (2015) conference Sayargyi presented 50 years experience in Ophthalmology .

Year 2015



May 2015 Professors, University of Medicine, Mandalay

 List of Events
Year 2015
1. Donation by Sight For All for Paediatric Subspeciality
2. Talk - Diagnostic Procedure in Ophthalmology
3. 4-5 October 2015  Teaching Course
3. 7th Mid-Term Ophthalmic Conference 9the September 2015
4. Gathering Dinner, Ophthalmologist
5. Helen Keller assistance to MEENT 
 Year 2015
4th & 5th October 2015. -  Phacoemulsification and Injectable Implant  Surgery  Teaching
Course, organized by Helen Keller International and Mandalay Eye Unit.



 November 2015

October 2015

Donation by Sight For All for Paediatric Subspeciality


September 2015

MMA Talk Diagnostic Procedure in Ophthalmology By Prof. Dr. May Thet Hnin Aye

9 September 2015

Certificate of Participation in the 7th Mid Term Ophthalmic Conference held in EENT Hospital, Mandalay on 9 September, 2015    signed by  Prof. Yee Yee Aung, Organizing Committee.  

June 2015

Ophthalmologist Mandalay Gathering Dinner, Ophthalmologist


March  2015



 Year 2014

Phacoemulsification and Injectable Implant Surgery Teaching Course,organized by
Helen Keller International and Mandalay Eye Unit.
4th & 5th October 2014
Course Co-ordinator Dr. Yee Yee Aung.

The objective of this course is to transfer skills to beginning surgeons in their transition from ECCE to phacoemulsification so as to ensure safe and successful surgery and enhance the quality of visual outcomes. It also serves to update the advanced surgeons in current surgical techniques. The course is intended to provide beginning phaco surgeons with tips on how to avoid/minimize common complications with an emphasis on the basic steps to follow once vitreous loss occurs to minimse visual morbidity.

Participants will be given the opportunity to observe every aspect of surgery with step-by step guidance from video presentations during the live surgery. They will receive close practical coaching from the faculty in the various phaco techniques that are appropriate for each type of cataract. Participants will also gain familiarity with the dynamics of the phaco systems. The technique of inserting the injectable implants will also be demonstrated

Phaecoemulsification Training Course and Donation Ceremony 4-5 October 2014 , Mandalay ENT Hospital and HKI phaeco 

Year 2013

Year 2013


November 2013

July 2013.
Ophthalmic Surgeons’  Mid -Term Conference,  Ophthalmic  Society of Myanmar Medical
Association,  EENT Hospital Mandalay.  1-3 July 2013
Department of Ophthalmology, Mandalay Eye hospital
6th Mid-Term meeting of Ophthalmologists, Mandalay 7 July 2013
 1.  Zaw Nyein ChanHla SandarSaw Htoo Set,Nang Htet Htet Aung Than Dar AungAye Thidar MyintEi Kay Thwe Han and Chaw Wai Lwin.2. Department of Ophthalmology, UMM, full time academic teaching staffs —     with Chaw Wai LwinZaw Nyein ChanNang Htet Htet Aung and Hla Sandar. 
 8 February 2013


— with Aye Thidar Myint, Yee Yee Aung, May Aye and Aye Kyaw Maung