Paediatric Ophthalmology

Paediatric Ophthalmologists

Dr Tin Maung Soe       YEH
Dr. Than Htun Aung     YEH
Dr. Tin Maung Thant    MEENT
Year 2003 and 2004 Paediatric Ophthalmology Training programme
A YEH team consisting of Dr.  Daw Thandar Su, Ophthalomologist , one Anaesthetist and one Nurse from YEH was trained in L. V. Prasad  Eye Institute in India for 3 months from January to March 2003. Dr.  Daw Thandar Su is presently posted at Eye Department of North.Okklapa General Hospital. 
Dr. Tin Maung Soe Opthalmologist was trained in India for one year from Jan to Dec 2004. He was assigned at that time  to a Secondary eye center in Pyay, 100 km north of Yangon.   At present, Dr. Tin Maing Soe is posted at YEH. 


Year 2015

At YEH Drs. Than Tun Aung and Khin Oo May. 


This week (8-15 May) is World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week.
Retinoblastoma is a cancer that begins in the back of the eye in young children. Treatment for retinoblastoma can include removal of the affected eye and intensive chemotherapy. Early diagnosis and treatment is imperative in saving the child's eye and ultimately their life. Sight For All is fighting this deadly disease through the provision of specialist retinoblastoma training in six countries in Asia.
Thet Htut Zaw from Yangon, is one young patient cured of this blinding and deadly disease through  the treatment provided by Dr Than Htun Aung, Myanmar's first children'seye doctor, trained by  Sight For All.
A big thank you to the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for funding the equipment to establish the children's eye unit at the Mandalay Eye, Ear Nose &Throat Hospital in Myanmar! Through the support of the Australian Government, this is thesecond unit that Sight For All has equipped in Myanmar alone!


HKI  Support
Helen Keller International (HKI) has donated Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (IRIDEX) for use with previously donated IRIDEX Diode Laser System at Yangon Eye Hospital. Thanks so much HKI for helping us to fight against this devastating fatal and blinding disease of our young children with RETINOBLASTOMA by enabling the effective focal treatment with Laser TTT (Trans-pupillary Thermo-Therapy).  


  Thagyan began treatment for her eye cancer in 2013 at the age of three by Dr Than Htun Aung, Myanmar's first children's eye specialist. Following two years of treatment Dr Aung recently announced that Thagyan is free of cancer. Prior to the training of Dr Aung by Sight For All and the provision of vital equipment, Thagyan's fate would have been bleak.To help us continue to make this change visit our website. Together this Christmas we can restore sight and save lives! — with Than Htun Aung  

Dear all colleagues,

I am off to go Hyderabad for training in RB for the next 3 months. Dr Tin Maung Thant(Paed Ophth Fellow) will be taking care or our shop (Paed Ophth Clinic) together with rest of the team at YEH while I am away.  The shop will be opening as usual and thank you for keep sending kids. THA  

Prem (Prematurity Baby) – Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)


All mothers/married couple/public should be health educated to prevent premature delivery – not only for mother’s life, but also for baby’s the whole life time. And all prems should be routinely checked up by Paediatric Ophthalmologist (thanks to Dr. Than Tun Aung at YEH) to exclude ROP. Not an easy procedure indeed.


If you see a child with squint, please refer the child to an Ophthalmologist or an Orthoptist as soon as possible. Squint among young children need to be treated as soon as possible before the age of 8 years. Untreated Squint can lead to poor vision known as Lazy eye or Amblyopia If squint is provided treatment early enough, poor vision ( Lazy eye ) can be prevented .        

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