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 Year 2017

San La Min Company

29 October 2017   29the Ophthalmic Conference



  November 2017   Eye conference

Model Pharma Company Limited

No 33 ( B)  Yawmingyi Street, Dagon Township

01-384024, 384061,253909

Mandalay Office   02- 62397, 09 91038513

email:   md@modelpharma.com



10 July 2017
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           Website:  http://www.aristopharma.com


* Acyvir.  Acyclovir 3%.  Sterile Eye Ointment.

The potent antiviral for Herpes Simplex Virus infections.

* Protear.  Povidone BP 5%.  Sterile Eye Drops.

The right artificial tear for dry eye

* Stafen. Ketotifen BP 0.025%.  Sterile Eye Drops.

12-hour allergy control with just 1 drop. Suitable for children of age 3 and older.


AA Medical Products Ltd.

Anti – Glaucoma


Carteolol Hydrochloride 20 mg

Indication Gluacoma and intraocular hypertension

Manufactured by SAMCHUNDANG Korea

Marketed by  AA Medical Products Ltd Tel 01- 391644 – 50  


Ashford Laboratories Ltd.  Macau

OCUSYN. Eye drops 5 ml. Tobramycin Ophthalmic Solutions

USP 3 mg/ml. Guard against infection

CROMAX – 2.  Eye Drops 10 ml Sodium Cromoglycate


Useful for the relief and treatment of itchy runny eyes

caused by seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, all year

round allergies such as perennial conjunctivitis, and vernal


OPTIMOL  Eye drops (contains  Timolol Maleate) –

Manufactured by Ashford Laboratories Macau

Rohto-mentholatum  ( Myanmar) Co. LTD.

Ph: 01-558425 ( Yangon).

Ph: 01-1202748 ( Mandalay).

Ph: 09-2132610 (Mandalay).

Website:  http://www.facebook.com/vrohtomm,



New V.Rohto eyedrops ( contain Panthenol) for eye strain and congestion.


Samchundang Pharm Co Ltd. Korea

Tearidone Eye Drops  Artificial Tears   Povidone 0.1 %

Composition : 1 ml contains 20 mg of Povidine (USP)

Indications  : Dry Eye, wearing in hard contact lenses

Dosage and Administration; Instil one or two drops, 4 or 5 times a day.

Dosage adjustment is based on  severity 

Characteristics : good for patients with contact lens  Protective function with improvingTear film break-up time

Manufactured by Samchundang Pharm Co Ltd. Korea

Marketed by AA Medical Products Ltd.  

Tel 01-391644 -50 249590, 249592, 249593 Ext   100/200

HAMERON Eye Drops ( Sodium Hyaluronate 0.1%)  Artificial tears

Each bottle 5 ml contains: Active ingredients Sodium Hyaluronanate 5 mg

Indications  : Treatment of Dry Eyes and lubricant when wearing hard contact lens ,

Dosage and Administration; The usual dose is one drop 5-6 times daily

Dosage adjustment is based on  severity

Manufactured by Samchundang Pharm Co Ltd. Korea

Marketed by AA Medical Products Ltd.  

Tel 01-391644 -50 249590, 249592, 249593 Ext   100/200



Lawan Chitpoonkuson Business Unit Manager – Indochina TRB CHEMEDICA (THAILAND) Ltd. Tel 662 – 264 -2010 – 4 Fax 662 -264 -2015 Mobile 6686-926-2142 66894905641 Email lawan.c@trbchemedica.co.th Sudarat Chokkijchai (DA) Sales&Marketing Coordinator, Indochina TRB Chemedica (Thailand) Ltd. No.66 Q.House Asoke Building 19th Flr., Sukhumvit 21 Rd. North Klongtoey Subdistrict, Wattana District, Bangkok., 10110 Tel.(66) 2-264-2010-4 Mob: (66)8-9603-4334, (66)8-94555738
Ms. Yadanar (TRB product executive)
Ms. May Thin Nu, Sales and Marketing Manager
TRB Chemedica Co.ltd
Healthcare Division,
DKSH Services Ltd. Diethelm & Co., Ltd. No. 13, Thitsar Road, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Phone + 95 1 565 270, 565 271, 565 272, Mobile + 95 9 5057991 Fax  + 95 1 565 269 may.thin.nu@dksh.com www.dksh.com


* Vistube ( Sodium hyaluronate 0.18 %) 0.18% Hypotonic Sodium Hyaluronate Sodium hyaluronate Preservative- Free Eye drops.  The Right Artificial Tear for treatment of Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Damage


  Is this the end of cataract operations? New eye drops dissolve the deposits that cause cloudy vision Cataracts occur when proteins in the lens clump together, clouding vision Now scientists have discovered a chemical that dissolved these clumps If the drops are given early, they might even stop cataracts developing  Breakthrough is 'opportune' as NHS cataract surgery is being rationed By FIONA MACRAE, SCIENCE EDITOR FOR THE DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 17:09 GMT, 22 July 2015 | UPDATED: 23:44 GMT, 22 July 2015 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3171048/Is-end-cataract-operations-New-eye-drops-dissolve-deposits-cause-cloudy-vision.html#ixzz3h0iUjRr7 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Eye drops that could replace cataract operations are being developed by doctors. Cataracts (pictured) occur when proteins in the eye's lens clump together, turning the lens cloudy Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3171048/Is-end-cataract-operations-New-eye-drops-dissolve-deposits-cause-cloudy-vision.html#ixzz3h0i6OoPq Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3171048/Is-end-cataract-operations-New-eye-drops-dissolve-deposits-cause-cloudy-vision.html          


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